Aggregates, building or construction materials

We offer the widest range of screed in the UK.

Our aggregates are manufactured nationwide from hardstone, natural sand or sand-and-gravel pits and limestone quarries.
We also process marine aggregates from licenced waters around the UK.

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From construction and infrastructure to landscaping or horticulture, aggregates from Tarmac are sustainably sourced and quality assured. We are committed to reuse and promote a range of secondary and recycled aggregates to support more sustainable construction solutions. We innovate with specialist solutions and offer aggregates that support extreme performance attributes such as high PSV (polished stone value) for grip and skid resistance and fibre reinforcement in soils.

Bulk and Bagged aggregates

We offer a vast range of materials available in both bulk or bagged solutions. Whatever the requirement our logistics teams use our train or fleet logistics to ensuire the most effiecient transportation from site to destination.

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Screed in construction

We have supplied aggregates into the construction sector for over 100 years. The national network of local supply means our customers benefit from choice and supply assurance.

Our construction aggregates are vital ingredients of buildings and infrastructure across the UK. From sub-base and sands used in road construction to extreme performance concretes for tall buildings we are proud to support the UK to keep Building our future.